This natural area along the banks of Vltava River offers a variety of options for summer recreation in Prague. In this article we will try to answer the question: What does Žluté lázně really offer you? 

If you want to enjoy sun, food and sport activities, head to Žluté lázně (or Yellow Spa in English) located on the east bank of the Vltava River in Podolí (Prague 4).

Interesting facts about Žluté lázně:

  • Area covers an impressive 35.000 square meters

  • Žluté lázně can hold up to 8.000 visitors

  • Yellow Spa was open for public in 1910

  • In the past, this spot was a favourite hang out for rich and famous Praguers

  • 700 tons of sand were imported here to create its beachy look

How to get there?

Hop on tram 3, 17 or 21 and get off at the stop Dvorce. After a 2 minutes walk from the tram stop you will find yourself at the entrance gate. During that short walk watch out for cyclists and in-line skaters.


Entrance fee:

If you arrive after 5pm, there is free entry. Before 5 the prices are set at 80CZK for adults.

What to do there:

You do not have to worry about a shortage of entertaining activities at Žluté lázně.

  • Beach volleyball, caged-beach football: 100 - 490 CZK per hour (it depends what time you want to play. Bare in mind that the rental prices go up in the afternoon and especially in the evening.

  • Pedalos (Paddle boats), Rowboats and canoes: 100 - 150 CZK per hour

  • Motorboats: 200 CZK per 30 minutes

  • Longboards, scooters, inline-skates: 80 CZK per hour

  • Free activities: oversized chess, slackline, balance-training tool

Where to satisfy your appetite:

  • Beach food stalls with open-air setting and BBQ grills: located opposite the main entrance

  • Tančírna (or dancing hall in English) with a bar, widescreen TVs, outdoor BBQ grills is an amazing place for a party. (located to the left from the refreshment stands)

  • La Festa Pizzeria offers a range of Italian food (to the right from the main entrance)

As you see Žluté lázně is a great space for summer fun. There are regular musical and sport events which are put on over the summer. Check out our previous article about open-air cinemas in Prague. One of the most popular open-air cinemas is found in Žluté lázně.