Prague souvenirs from PragtiqueForget about “I love Prague” T-shirts and other kitsch souvenirs. With our little souvenir guide, you will bring back home something amazing and original.

1. Pragtique

Pragtique is a little design store where even Czechs like to shop for high-quality gifts with a Prague theme. They offer hand-crafted collections designed by leading Czech contemporary artists. You will not know what to buy first: they sell bags, posters, porcelain, notebooks and much more.

Pasáž Platýz, Národní 37, Prague 1

2. World of Souvenirs

This family run souvenir making company has its workshop located in the heart of Prague. All their products are originals, carefully hand crafted in Czech Republic. You can choose from a wide range of beautiful souvenirs, from handmade postcards, paper bookmarks, Prague tea, phone cases, vintage mugs and much more. Their workshop with small shop is at undres listed below. However, you can also find their hand-made souvenirs at many souvenirs shops and stands around the city center, even directly at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Just look for the logo "With heart in Prague - World of Souvenirs!

Na Neklance 1080/20, Prague 5

Hand made gifts from world of souvenirs3. Kuráž shop

Shop for affordable and original Czech design products in the small shop Kuráž. If you want to bring back home more than just a fridge magnet, choose something authentic from this shop. Their products are made in limited series by young Czech designers.

Veletržní 48, Letná - Prague 7

4. Papelote

Are you a paper lover? Then you will like this little design stationery shop. Papelote offers a wide range of original notebooks, textile book covers and much more. We do not have to mention that everything is made in Czech Republic from environmentally friendly materials.

Vojtěšská 9, Prague 1

Papelote unique stationery shop

5. Pivotéka Beergeek

Head to Pivotéka Beergeek for more than 500 kinds of bottled beer in one place. It is not only shop, it is also a bar with 32 beers on tap. Why not try a bit before you buy it. Tasty! There is also BeerGeek Bar just couple streets away at Vinohradská 62, Prague 3

Slavíkova 10, Prague 3

6. Retro hračky

In a city that possesses such a strong and vibrant history, you may prefer buying retro souvenir, as buying a piece of history. Retro hračky “Retro Toys” shop offers a wide and varied selection of retro toys from traditional Czech manufacturers. The selection of retro toys includes table games, wooden toys, model cars, model ships and more.

Hybernská 24, Praha 1

Final note: We are excited that all the shops mentioned above were brave enough to stand up to all the souvenir shops selling matryoshka dolls and other fake stuff in downtown Prague. We hope you enjoy your shopping.