Prague brigesWhat better time to visit Prague than spring? The weather is mild, and the crowds of tourists have not yet arrived. Here is a list of recommendations of what we think are the best things to do in Prague in spring.

Prague Farmer's Markets

The spring is the best time to enjoy Prague’s farmer's markets due both to the pleasant weather and for the good selection of local seasonal products. We have picked the four farmers' markets that are worth visiting.

Prague Beer Gardens

As soon as it gets warmer, the first instinct of locals is to enjoy their favourite drink at one of Prague's legendary beer gardens. We have chosen four city's beer gardens that stand out from the others and where you can share pints with your friends and look out at the historic castle and green landscapes of Prague.

Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo is said to be one of the best in Europe. You can easily spend a whole day there and combine your trip with a river cruise. Warm weather makes a Zoo trip a pleasant way of getting a rest from sightseeing. The Prague's Zoo had very successful start this year with a few significant births so far. You can be wondering at the newborn baby elephant (first to be conceived in the Czech Republic), baby hippo, baby anteater and many more.

St. Matthew's Fair

The biggest and most visited Prague's fair began as usual in March, every year it takes places in Holešovice in Prague 7 and is the first spring fair in Europe. Hop on one of 120 attractions. You will not know what to try first: roller coasters (horské dráhy), fun houses (dům smíchu), countless swings, bouncy castles and much more. Do not leave without experiencing the typical Czech pellet gun shooting range; you can carry away whatever you shoot down.

Walpurgis Night

While it may not sound like it, this night of witches is a pretty big occasion in the Czech Republic. On the evening of April 30th, Czechs gather to build bonfires and prepare effigies of witches that they then burn at the stake. Head to Petřín Hill to participate in this ancient folk festival, which marks the end of winter and the beginning of the spring.

If you want to enjoy Prague without having to push through crowds of sightseers, consider a spring trip, with putting one of these activities on your itinerary, you will enjoy every moment of your holiday.