Easter is an important celebration for Czechs and it is linked with interesting folk traditions. Look at the most common Czech Easter traditions. Some of them will definitely surprise you.

If you find yourself in Prague this year during Easter, you should head to the Easter markets. There you will be able to observe traditional food being made in front of you and sample local products. Look for traditional Czech Easter treats like beránek (coffee cake in shape of lamp) and mazanec (cake with rasins and almonds). During Easter Czechs also eat lamb, veal and stuffing.

You should definitely enjoy another unusual experience - drinking green beer, which is linked to Easter. In the Czech Republic, Maundy Thursday is also known as “Zelený čtvrtek “ (Green Thursday). In order to follow the folklore, the Czech brewery Starobrno started to produce a special batch of green beer. It’s due to their unique process and the use of a herbal liqueur, that this green beer gets its distinctive taste and color. There are several pubs where you can find it in the Prague center. It is only produced once a year and it got super popular! So enjoy Czech version of St. Patrick's Day on the Green Thursday:)

Are you looking for a typical Czech souvenir to take home? Search for handcrafted goods, such as crystal, glassware, candles, wooden toys, beautiful puppets and dolls. When you buy souvenirs at the markets, double check if it really was made in the Czech Republic. Alternatively, check out some of these unique souvenirs stores.The most common souvenir that people buy at these markets, are brightly colored, hand painted Easter eggs. You can get an Easter egg personalised just for you. Czech women dressed in traditional costume, can paint your name or whatever you ask for on the egg:)

The big Easter markets in Prague will be open every day until 23rd April. In the city center, you will find them at the Old Town SquareWenceslas Square and Square of the Republic (náměstí Republiky) and Kampa right below the Charles Bridge. The market at the Prague Castle will be open all the way until the end of April! Other local markets are open only 17th April. You will find them at Náměstí Míru (Square of Peace) at Vinohrady Prague district. Náměstí Míru is 15-20 minutes walk from the Wenceslas Square, but also a stop on Metro A (green line) and at Anděl at metro B (yellow line), a famous shopping crossroad among locals (from 5th to 28th March, 10am - 7pm). 

The Easter markets are not only about eating, drinking and souvenir shopping. You can also enjoy different performances. There will be school folk groups and dancers performing on the stage at the Old Town Square most days from mid-afternoon to early evening.

The markets are the best place to soak up the festive atmosphere. Enjoy, eat, drink and have fun like typical Czechs during this holiday.

Veselé Velikonoce! Happy Easter!