Shabu Shabu at Yoshi Hashi Sushi in Prague

After one month in Japan I became a true Japanese food lover, but the problem was that it became all but impossible for me to enjoy sushi anywhere else. I simply did not enjoy it as much as the sushi I tasted in Japan. Last week Tereza and I accepted an invitation to a newly opened restaurant in Prague called Sushi Yoshihashi, and it was here where I finally felt like I was back in Japan. Superb sushi made by real Japanese sushi masters with decades of experience and outstanding shabu shabu made it a top notch experience for me. This family-run sushi bar has great potential to attract Japanese food lovers thanks to its wonderful food and hospitality; not something you will not experience everywhere. Yoshihashi’s manager was really helpful and keen to explain the food. We learned lots of stuff we didn't know before. The cosy atmosphere really put you in the right mood for enjoying excellent Japanese food.

Eating shabu shabu in Prague

Now it is time to tell you what we ate and what we loved the most. The first thing to arrive was Yoshitaka octopus in sweet and sour sauce, a great starter to set up your taste buds for great experience. The octopus was followed by shabu shabu. We used our chopsticks to cook a variety of thinly sliced pork and beef, mushrooms and vegetables in simmering water set over a table-top hotplate.

There were two dipping sauces: a soy sauce which was meant for for vegetables and a creamy sesame sauce, which for meat. For some reason I liked it the other way around. As you remove each piece of meat or veggie from the broth, you dip it in the sauce and then put it on your rice until you have a nice collection to eat. The rice is not just a side dish it is there to rest the shabu on and absorb the juices.

Nagiri sushi from Yoshi Hashi Sushi in PragueOur host encouraged us not to worry about making a mess or slurping the glass noodles that were cooked last in the broth that was the result of our delicous work. The server seasoned the soup and filled our bowls with it. Then we could start sipping the soup we actually cooked ourselves.

We also had the pleasure of sampling Yoshitaka’s outstanding nigiri with salmon, grilled eel, and foie gras (believe it or not). It might be hard to admit it, but I enjoyed it even more than the sushi I had in Japan.

As a dessert we had ice cream with two flavors - sesame and matcha tea. I should  also add that during whole dinner we were drinking Hakkaisan sake.

Final advice: Try this place if you are a Japanese food lover. You will not be disappointed, and you might just find your new favorite sushi place.

Careful, the restaurant is open only in the evening Monday - Saturday 4:30 pm - 11:30 pm.