Empty street at Prague Castle New World

There are more and more travelers now, who want to avoid the crowds, tourist traps and get sightseeing tips from locals. Many, including us, also like to come back to places they already visited and “dig“ a little bit deeper into the place atmosphere and its secrets. For both of these types of travelers, we recently discover a great walking tour in Prague called Prague Behind the Scenes. Dana, the founder, kindly invited us for wonderful walk through the Prague city center, and took us through some streets we have never walked before and told us stories we have not heard of. Here are four reasons why we liked Dana´s walking tour.

#1 Learning Things about Prague You won’t Find in Your Guidebook:

  • Why is the Square of Republic (Náměstí Republiky) named this way? Because the Foundation Treaty of the Czechoslovakia was signed in the Municipal House, which stands there. The walking tour starts at this point of interest.
  • What was the historical sign of the Czech post? A red wheel! Apparently all post carriages had red wooden wheels back in the day. During the tour you will see a house, where an old post office used to be.
  • What happens, when stain glasses window breaks in Prague? It is taken to an artistic work shop in the Old Town. Dana will show you where it is.
  • Where would you find the oldest Prague hospital? The oldest Prague hospital is active for over 700 years and you will pass by on the tour.
  • Where can you pick fruit from a tree for free? At Petřín Hill orchards anybody can go and pick fruit from a tree. So no need to bring a snack with you to the tour:)

#2 Exploring the Backroads of the Prague City Center

The tour takes you through the Old Town, Lesser Town and Hradčany district – the same parts of Prague most of the other tourists go, but you will take different roads. You will see some beautiful streets and corners, where you will be able to take a picture without any follow visitors. In these back streets you will see the smallest house in Prague and walk through the shortest street and the narrowest street in Prague.

#3 Taking Advantage of Freebies

Prague Behind The Scenes offers a free wifi to its clients. How? Dana has a portable hot spot on her, so you can upload pictures for your friends to see during the walking tour and keep up with your emails without using precious data. Another fun thing is that Dana give everyone a little gift in the end of the tour – Picture of one of the cool places you see during the tour.

#4 Individual Approach

The group size of the Prague Behind the Scenes tours is very small, in order to ensure that you will have the best experience. Dana is flexible to change the place of the break for pub, or coffee place, adapt the speed and the amount of information according to your wishes. The best thing about small groups is the personal contact. You can ask anything that comes to your mind and get great personalized Prague sightseeing tips.

Tour with Prague Behind the Scenes is great for anyone, who has already been to Prague, or anyone who likes to get the non-touristy feeling of the touristy city. If you are in Prague for the first time, or you are a fan of Free Tours, we recommend the Extravaganza Free Tour  (they also have pretty good Communist & Banker Tour). For the traveler, who likes more contemporary side of things – the Alternative Tour would be a good pick. For a foodie there is the Eating Prague Tour.

Guided tour does not mean a huge group, lots of boring history facts and tired guide any more. So do not be shy and let the locals show you the city of Prague.