It is hard to believe that it has been over a year since our first blog post! Happy one year birthday to our blog. :)

Last year we wrote about the significance of the Velvet Revolution for the people of the Czech Republic and how we celebrated its 25th anniversary in Prague. Today we would like to look into how the 26th celebration will look like, and how it might affect your sightseeing plans in Prague.

Several gatherings will be taking place in the city center this year, mainly at Wenceslas Square and Národní třída. They will be starting around noon and will be going on for the rest of the day. This holiday is, as you might guess, quite political, so even though most of the groups are there to celebrate the end of communism and beginning of freedom, they will also express the support, or disapproval of the current government and president. Unfortunately some are also using this holiday to express their fear with the recent wave of migration.

Here are few gatherings/demonstrations which might be interesting to check out.

Díky, že můžem! (Thanks, that we can!)

A whole day event with music, theatre, reading, food and sharing memories. 

Place: Piazzetta Národního divadla

Time: 10:00 – 2:00

The after party will take place in Rock Cafe

Setkání dobré vůle (Gathering of good will)

A meeting of people who would like to express their gratitude and respect to those who help people in need and those who help to unify society around positive things. They will also light a candle for the victims of the recent #ParisAttacks and other victims in war effected areas.

Place: Wenceslas Square

Time: 15:45

Světla pro svobodu aneb táhneme za jeden provaz (Lights for freedom, or we are pulling the same rope)

People will light candles to celebrate freedom and to remember those who were killed by the communist regime. There will be also a human chain across the whole street. The organizers will have stands at the street festival “Ulice volby, ulice svobody” (Street of choice, Street of Freedom), which will take place from 10:00 -18:00. At the stand you can write a note describing what freedom means to you and make your own ribbon in the colors of the Czech flag.

Place: Národní Třída

Time: 17:00

Karta pro příštího prezidenta (Card for the next president)

Last year, many people expressed their dislike with the actions and behavior of our current president, Miloš Zeman. This year, the organizers would like to look toward a (brighter) future and encourage people to talk about who should be our next president.

Place: Národní Třída

Time: 13:30

Please, be prepared for some public transportation delays or changes, and crowds of people. To avoid the crowds, skip going to the New Town tomorrow. One group will be also marching to the Prague Castle in the evening, so if you would like to avoid this group finish up your visit by 17:00.

Czechs usually celebrate their significant holidays by going to their cottage, shopping, or resting. The 17th November is different. Whole families go to the center, and they talk about the past as well as the future. Do not be scared to join us!