Alchemist objects

Ok, so you have seen most of the sights, you enjoyed the Golden Lane at the Prague Castle and the Alchemy Museum the most, and you love mind games…then we have a place for you! Go check out the Alchemist Chamber in MindMaze in Prague 2. It's a place for you and all anyone who loves to play games and to have a good time.

Mindmaze is a new attraction among Prague’s fun things to do, and it is having a great response so far. More other escape games are opening every sesson! The concept is quite simple, you go there with a group of friends (max five), they lock you up in a room full of puzzles and riddles and you have to solve them all before one hour is up to be able to get out! So careful, the time is ticking! :)

Our team playing escape game_MindMazeThey have three rooms – two Alchemists Chambers in which you search for the Philosopher’s stone of alchemist Michael Sendivigus and one Enigma room, where you are on a military mission and you need to steal a blueprint of a submarine. This room takes you to time of WWII. Scary stuff! But once you get into play "zone" you turn into fearless clues hunter.  More rooms are in planning. We played both rooms in English as well as in Czech! :)

Don't worry, it is not as bad as it is sounds. The rooms are not so small, so suitable for claustrophobics too and you can communicate with the staff at all times. They want to be sure that you have the best experience, so they are more than willing to help you when you will get stuck. The reservation is a must, but they have a very user friendly online registration system and were very flexible, when we had to reschedule. Language is not a key in the game, but rather your logical thinking. The staff speaks great English, so no problem to get the instructions in English. We played in English.

Great fun indoor activity to spark up your trip. Also amazing thing to do on rainy days in Prague!

Are you fond of mind games? Have you visited a similar attraction before in a different city? Let us know in the comments.

The title picture is a curtesy of MindMaze