Vyšehrad is one of the most important historical places in Prague. The castle is connected with many Prague’s legends. Let us immerse you in the most popular one.

When the Czech lands were ruled by prince Křesomysl, gold and silver mining grew. People stopped tilling the fields, left their farms and were easily seduced by the prospect of easy riches. Fields lay unattended, which resulted in famine. Many local lords were unhappy and sent a delegation headed by Horymír to Vyšehrad to ask the prince to restore order in domains. Their protests were not liked by the miners. They hated that Horymír wanted to deprive them of their lucrative work. One day, they set Horymír’s property on fire. When the young lord returned and saw the desolation, he jumped on his extraordinary horse Šemík and called to his aid every evil power and spirit and they helped him to burn down the miners’ homes in return. The furious miners complained about Horymír to prince. Horymír was sentenced for execution. When he was asked his last wish, he requested one last ride around the castle grounds on his faithful horse Šemík. Prince Křesomysl agreed. When Horymír leapt on Šemík, he whispered something in his ear. Šemík ran to the ramparts, jumped over them and disappeared with his rider into the depths below. How great was people’s astonishment when they saw Horymír and Šemík on the other side of the Vltava River, galloping towards to Horymír’s hometown.

The miraculous jump took all of Šemík’s strength. He sensed that his end was near, so he asked his beloved Horymír for a tomb to be built for him at the gate of the courtyard. The tomb has since disappeared but Šemík is said to be sleeping in the Vyšehrad rock, ready to come out when his help will be needed. Today you can admire a statue of Horymír and his beloved horse in the Vyšehrad park.

Another legend says that Šemík was for his bravery buried with great honour underneath the former threshold of Horymír’s manor. In Neumětely – Horymír’s hometown, you can find a great stone underneath which the extraordinary horse rests.

Final note from us: Feel free to visit Vyšehrad, from which you can admire Prague nicely from above and let your imagination wander. Remember when you look at the height, how strong Šemík had to be to jump.

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