We have spent an enjoyable, leisurely morning in The Farm Café in Prague’s Letna district. So we decided to share with you this really nice experience.

The Farm has a modern-industrial-vintage look with a cozy atmosphere.  The interior décor is all about floor to ceiling blackboards, and beautiful paintings. Be aware that they do not have a menu on the table. The food menu changes regularly, so they write the actual menu on their chalkboards. Some might find it weird but we think it is really practical. Each morning the Café’s owner travels to a farmer’s market to purchase fresh products. So The Farm has an unmistakable focus on serving fresh food and their menu really reflects it.

The Farm serves Doubleshot Coffee, which is Direct Trade (working along similar ethical principles as the better known Fair Trade organisation). I decided to start with my usual cappuccino. It took a while, but I can say that it was worth the wait when they brought really tasty coffee with milk foam art, which I like.

As we were really hungry we decided to devour Egg Benedict and French toast. Both were delicious and fresh. If we decide to be a bit picky, the yolk in the poached eggs was not as runny as we would want them, but nobody’s perfect, right? Our plates were all licked clean in spite of that. 

The service was laidback but very friendly and welcoming. As more than half of their customers were foreigners, their English was excellent.

The thing I really like is that the Café is nature friendly. They even recycle used coffee ground by adding it to the compost, which enriches soil. So after visiting The Farm we felt like we supported a good thing. We drank Fair Trade coffee, helped local farmers while we ate their products and enriched the compost soil.

Final note from us: If you are searching for a calm place with a friendly atmosphere and great coffee you can definitely find it here.