You are excited for your trip to Prague. You've heard about the beautiful architecture and history, and you are looking forward to sharing what you see and experience with all your friends and family. A great way to do that is to set up or break out your Instagram account. Here are the 11 things you will post on Instagram during or after you get back from your trip.

1. The Charles Bridge (day or night)

This is arguably the most famous symbol of Prague. The ancient stone structure commissioned by the great king and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV, was built to last. From the bank of the Vltava, in the Old Town, you will get a great shot of it. And this picture will get the most likes on Instagram of all the pictures of your trip to Prague. #Prague #charlesbridge

2. Prague Castle (St. Vitus Cathedral) from the river at night.

After the Charles Bridge, this picture will be the most symbolic of your Prague photos. The Prague Castle lit up at night, is definitely a beautiful sight. It will look better if you have a good nighttime filter, but even if you don't, we will all love it on Instagram. #Prague #castle #night

3. The Dancing House.

This modern architectural marvel is a favorite for professional and amateur photographers. It is a great place to get a couple picture. Maybe dancing in front of the dancing house? In any case, it is going to be on Instagram, as soon as you find free wifi. #Prague #dancing #dancinghouse

4. Týn and or the Old Town Square from the tower of the Old Town Hall

You took the time to climb the steps to the top of the tower (or you took the elevator :)), and you are bound to get a great view for a photo. The picture you take of Týn, St. Nicholas, and the statue of Jan Hus, as well as the rest of the square are sure to go up on Instagram. #Prague #oldtownsquare

5. Trdelník

This sweet is a treat for your eyes as well as your tastebuds. While you are in the Old Town, or heading down to Malá Strana from the Prague Castle, you can pick one up from a stand, and before you sink your teeth in, take the chance to photograph this yeasty delicacy. #Prague #foodporn

6. Guláš soup in a bread bowl

If you have been to Panera Bread, then you know the restorative power of a bread bowl soup after a night of drinking beer. These things also make a great picture for Instagram. Why not? #Prague #foodporn

7. Selfie with the Prague Castle guards

While certainly not as well known abroad as the guards to Buckingham Palace in London, these guys are the real deal and great to take your picture with. You might even ask the crazy guy carrying a pirate flag and protesting there almost every day to take it for you.  This one is perfect for Instagram, but be respectful. #Prague #Castle #selfie

8. The face of the St. Vitus Cathedral

When you walk out of the passage that leads to St. Vitus, you might have your breath taken away at the marvel of the stone and glass work of this magnificent national symbol.  Even though this part of the cathedral was the section completed in the 20th century and may be considered less impressive than the central section with its awe inspiring height that makes the ceiling seems to float imperceptibly above and the fact that you will fight for minutes to get a decent angle on the thing, fail, and just snap one off, you will still put this picture on Instagram. #Prague #Castle #stvitus

9. Red roofs and the many spires of Prague from the Castle

Prague is known for its view from above of its red roofs, and it has been called the city of a thousand spires. You won't be able to resist posting this on Instagram, even if you happen to take it on a cloudy day. #Prague

10. The John Lennon Wall

When John Lennon was assassinated in 1980, 9 years before the Velvet Revolution, the youth of Prague displayed their intent of carrying on the message of his music by painting images and words of peace, love and freedom on the wall opposite the French embassy. The wall was recently reborn, and when you post this picture on Instagram, you will be sharing the feelings of the current generation. #Prague #JohnLennonWall #love #peace #freedom

11. Padlocks of love on a bridge

It is popular these days to prove your steadfast love by attaching a lock to part of a bridge gate or a fence with the names of you and your love written, scratched, or if you were really prepared, professionally engraved on it.  You will be so moved by these demonstrations of love, that you will share it with us on Instagram. #Prague #love

We all love experiencing travel through photography, and though you may choose to share these 11 pictures on Instagram, we hope that you have an interesting and unique experience while here that will make your Instagram feed just that much better. Please send us your pictures of Prague because we love them all. On Instagram, just mention @czechpragueout in the comments of your picture or use the tag #czechpragueout.

Picture credits to @bety_boo, @333liza333, @deepisi, @viatours, @oonazofia, @ninaup, @iamgham, @stimur, @laura_in_black, @deniseschoenberger.