Let’s be honest right from the beginning. St. Patrick's Day has nothing to do with Czech culture or history, but we are part of the globalized word, so just like Halloween, the “shamrock” day is also becoming popular here. Therefore, if you are among the 200 Irishmen and women living in Prague, or if you are just used to be celebrating this holiday and you find yourself in Prague on 17th March, do not despair – you will have fun! Here is a list of few events you can enjoy.

Petřín Viewing Tower (Little Eifel Tower) in Green

Many structures placed around the world, like the pyramids, Empire State Building, Coliseum and others are turning green this week – global greening. In Prague, the Petřín Viewing Tower is almost as known building as Coliseum in Rome. The Irish Ambassador in Prague, Alison Kelly, herself lit it up. You can take your “green picture” all the way until 18th of March.

Irish Pubs

Where else should you go for an Irish beer and Irish music than to Irish Pub. No worries, we also have a few of these in Prague. It might be a little crazy this Tuesday, but It will be certainly fun! Here are few well known places: James Joyce Prague´s Cosy Irish Pub, Caffrey´s Irish Bar, The Dubliner or J.J. Murphy’s.If you want to stay loyal to Czech beers, just look for the microbreweries, many of them will be offering a green beer!

Festival St. Patrick Rock Prague

Rock and St. Patrick are meeting in Prague this year. The 15th annual festival will take place on 16th and 17th March in the Irish pubs. There will be a big concert at the main stage at Old Town Square on Tuesday, starting at 2.30pm . The main guest will be Frank Haughton and Irish band Aslan, which will star on Monday at Palace Akropolis.

Wear green, drink Guinness and have fun listening to some music!

The pictures are curtesy of Prava Praha and Barove Noviny