The autumn season has arrived in Prague and we are sipping our cappuccino in our favorite café, looking out of the window, waiting for the rain to stop and wondering what you, our blog readers, might be interested in reading now. We think this is a great time to give you a handful of important tips for you should know before you pay visit to Prague. Just remember we are here to make sure your arrival in Prague is really trouble free.

Check out these Prague tips which we have gathered over time.  

Do not get ripped off by PRAGUE TAXI DRIVERS

Taxi drivers do not have a good reputation. You should avoid the urge to wave a cab on the street, mainly those parked at train or bus stations. Do not forget to ask about the price in advance. At the beginning you can also tell them that you will need a printed receipt, which means that they will have to turn the meter on. We usually order a taxi from one of the main taxi operators in Prague by phone. You always get a text message indicating the approximate fare. Save these two phone numbers of the biggest operators are AAA Taxi Praha (phone # 14014) and Profi Taxi (phone # 14015).

Watch out for good EXCHANGE RATE

The most frequent scam of some exchange offices are using is the use of two rates: one, in big letters, for large transactions (virtually your entire life savings), and another, less attractive - and hidden - for amounts that people usually want to convert. Always ask for the final amount ahead ("How many Czech crowns will I get for EUR 100, including commission?"). Then you can quickly do your own calculation. Another option is to withdraw cash in CZK from an ATM or use your card to pay on go. Before, you can just check with your bank for the applicable rates.  

Validate your TICKET

You know, we always say “Walk as much as you can, because it offers you to see so many gems”. On the other hand, using public transportation can save you so much time. We have already written a few articles about Prague public transportation system, so you know it is reliable, comfortable and quiet cheap and safe. You can choose from travelling by tram, subway or bus. You can buy tickets at any tobacco shop or newspaper stand, or in subway stops. Please remember, buying your ticket is not enough, you have to validate it on entry, otherwise it is invalid and you can get fined.


While in Prague, you should buy souvenirs that have some connection to the Czech Republic. Be aware that there are plenty of shabby shops selling cheap, meaningless souvenirs to Prague’s visitors. Russian dolls have nothing to do with Prague. You can spot many shops with them especially in the Old Town and around the Charles Bridge. If you want to know are the meaningful Czech souvenirs, check out this article: Czech Souvenirs what you should spend money on while in Prague


The main Prague sights such as the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square can overcrowded especially in the middle of the day during the high season. Follow one simple rule: visit these sights early in the morning or late at night. There is nothing better than walking over the Charles bridge during the sunrise or sunset.


The sights in the Prague's center are a must, but especially during the rush hour they might not be fun. At that time, head to the districts that surround the center. Make sure you explore Karlin, Vinohrady and Vrsovice, or the Letna and Holesovice districts.


Prague is amazing, beautiful and much more but there are definitely other places in the Czech Republic worth visiting. You should set out and get know some of the amazing places which are located only a few hours drive from Prague. Click here for more info.