You know the feeling, you arrived into the new town and your first worry is to find a way to your hotel or a host. Strange language, strange public transport system, funny looking money – the traveling adrenalin is up.  To complete your first task the old fashion among us, or the one who do not want to pay thousands of dollars for data on their phones – look for the nearest infocenter and grab a map. A map, useful thing which helps you find your way and often gives you some indication about the most popular sights and overprices restaurants, which pay for the advertisement on the print. For the less lucky once, map can be also torture when orientation is not the best skill.

But jokes aside, what we would like to show you today is not an ordinary map. It is a map written by locals - Use-It Map. There are no paid advertisements, all the tips are based on the authors experience and best judgment. This maps give you tips on public transport, opening-times, pubs, restaurants, stores, movie-theaters, markets, sights, best-views and souvenirs (not every souvenir in Prague is actually Czech! It can be quite tricky!). Super fun is also a guide on how to act like a local. You learn how to tip in the restaurant, that it is ok to eat your lunch on the park’s bench, how not to call the Czech Republic and learn few words in Czech. There is also a great and quite challenging walk which takes you to Petřín, Prague Castle, Letná Park, Jewish Town and Old Town. Cannot wait to try it! And of course, it would not be a good local map without some extract on Czech beer traditions and advice on where to go have a pint with locals. Every year, there is a new map, so if you are a returning Prague visitor – look for the new addition!

We used this map in the past when traveling especially through Belgium and Germany and fall in love with it. Therefore, we were really excited to see it in Prague too! 1,5 million Use-It maps were already printed in 30 European cities in 20 countries and more are in making! When you visit Prague, look for the map in Prague Infocenters, or lobbies of hotels and hostels. You can also go grab a map directly in Use-It Prague Infocenter at Trojanova 3, Prague 2 every day from July – September from 11am – 5pm. There you can chill, use a free wifi, have a cup of water and collect also other maps for other countries, or Czech cities – Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen and Česky Krumlov. Like planning ahead? Download the map here!

Does not matter whether you are a student, or already experienced traveler, whether you are counting every penny, or money are not important for you anymore. This map will sparkle up your trip! 

Have you used this map? Is there Use-It map in your hometown? Let us know, in comments :)