Are you coming to Prague this June? Be prepared for a crowded and hot city. The temperature is up to the summer standards, so make sure to bring some comfy summer cloths, sun glasses, sun tan lotion and a hat. Despite the heat, you will have a great time! There is so much to do and try in the city this month, and even if you stick to regular sightseeing there are plenty parks and gardens where you can hide from sun and even more places where you can enjoy chilled beer.

Here are few things we thing you might find interesting:

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Beer at Žižkov = Źižkovské pivobraní (5.6. – 6.6.)

Žižkov is quite a unique residential area of Prague, not far from the center, and famous for its small local pubs and hilly streets. Enjoy some good beer and music while mingling with locals. Not many beer and food lovers miss this festival. More info here.

Fresh festival at Letná (6.6. – 6.7.)

If you are food lover and you like to experiment. This festival is for you – they will be offering snake meat among others. You will be able to taste good food, watch the best Czech chefs and try some cooking yourself! More info here.

KISS concert (8.6.)

Are you fan of KISS? Why not rock out at their concert while you are visiting Prague? They are celebrating 40th anniversary – the show will be big! Tickets are still available and starting at 1350 CZK.

Beer at the Prague Castle = Pivo na Hradě (12.6. -13.6)

100 types of beer in one place, a place you will most likely go to during your Prague strolls. For 350 CZK you will be able to taste as much beer as you want directly at the Prague Castle Royal Gardens. Do not want to stay in line for the entrance ticket? Buy it online! More info here.

United Islands of Prague (18.6. - 20.6)

Free music festival taking place on all of Prague islands and in most of its clubs. This year will be bigger than ever before. You will probably hear some music while sightseeing Prague even if you will not go there J But you should go! More info here.

Beer at Náplavka (19.6. – 20.6)

Enjoy a great beer from a small local breweries directly by the river. Entrance is for free, but in order to buy beer you have to buy a festival mug with festival logo.  More info about the festival here.

Free open air movie by the river (whole summer every Tuesday)

Every Tuesday at Žluté lázně watch a movie and enjoy some Apero Spritz. The movies are played in original language with Czech subtitles. So do check the program before you go. More info here.

Have fun and let us know whether you tried any of these!