July is here and it is HOT in Prague! However, the fun does not stop in the city and the city never sleeps. If you want to experience some culture and meet locals at some street festivals – our list of events could help you. We have chosen things, we like and which we think you might like as well.


Street Food Festival (4th -5th July)
Nákladové nádraží Źižkov

Hungry? Then it is time to taste some street food from all around the world. It is fun, quick and you will learn a lot. Most of all you will leave the touristy center to find this festival.

Big knights festival (Velké rytířské slavnosti) (11th – 12th July)
Prague Castle, Deer moat (Jelením příkopě)

Kinght tournaments, program for kids, music and entertainment, food and drinks directly at the Prague Castle. Traven through history and forget about the modern world!
Tickets are available on-line (cheaper) , or you can get one directly at the entranc.



Prague Promps (1st - 19th July)
Mixture of Jazz and Classic Music concerts all around Prague. The music never ends!

Bohemia Jazz Fest (13th -15th July)
Prague is not only the city of classic music, but also city of jazz! Forget the dark jazz clubs and enjoy some cocenrts firectly at the Old Town Square.

Blues at the Prague Castle (20th July)
Blues-rock guitarist Gary Clark Jr is a young charismatic guitarist, composer and singer and he will perform in the Spanish Hall.

Prague Folk Days (23th - 26th July)
The biggest folk dance event in the central Europe. Go and see for yourself, how the traditional dresses look like and check out the dances and singing - is it different from your own country?

Žižkovská noc (night) (26the July)

Open-air festival with several stages spread accross the quarter of Žižkov. Enjoy some fun with locals – music, theater, literature, beer and relax.


Karaoke (Every Saturday at 7pm)
Globe bookstore

Now it is your turn. Show your talent in this iconic English books store/café/bar.  It gets crowded so make a reservation beforehand. English spoken (surprise :-).


Da Vinci Exhibition (16th June  - 28th August)
Lucerna palace, Great hall, Stepanska 61, Prague 1
Open daily 10 am - 8 pm

Leonardo da Vinci has nothing to do with Prague, but that should not stop you from checking out this exhibition if you are a fan! The exhibition was created with the assistance of Italian experts under the auspices of Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Rome. The exhibition projects Leonardo da Vinci as an ingenius inventor, painter, scientist, anatomist, technician, architect, sculptor and philosopher.


We hope that this list will help you to enjoy your time in Prague event more. It is always nice to spice up your trip with some cultural experience. In the end, these are the memories of your trip which usually stick the most. We are of course here to help you in case of any questions, or problems! And if you end up going to any of these – let us know!

Picture by our friends Amy Mensch and Matt.