Looking for something different but still want to enjoy a good coffee? Then do not miss AnonymouS Coffee close to I.P.Pavlova at Vinohrady in Prague 2. This café place has a story, looks different and provides an excellent service. Believe us, you will remember it for a while if you go there.

This place has only been open only for few months, and its founders – two brothers – also work there. It is building on the success of a cocktail bar in the center called AnonymouS Bar, which is a “hiding place” for people during the night. Their Facebook page offers some interesting pictures. We have not been to the bar yet, but want to go soon!

AnonymouS Coffee is a “crossroad" for meeting people during the day. As the name suggest it is loyal to the legacy of the Anonymous movement – the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 in London, the V for Vendetta graphic novel from the 1980’s and the V for Vendetta movie from 2005. Of course, many people have the typical white mask connected to the Anonymous movement of hackers, but these folks look more like comic lovers than hackers. Actually each of them have their own work uniform in color of their favorite comic book character – so expect Spiderman, Batman, Hulk or Captain America to be serving you a coffee there. When we went to visit them one rainy afternoon, they said that they are likely to start cooperation with Comics Point, a nearby store. So maybe when you will go there, you will also enjoy some free comics to spice up your time there.

Moreover, they are using the super advanced hand-made coffee machine La Marzocco. There are only two of these in Prague. They serve special coffee drinks, lemonade in ketchup jars, soup, small bites and free water. You can of course, take everything to go, but if you choose to stay, you can, for example, sit on a swing or bury yourself in many colorful pillows. The café has a built-in wooden mezzanine, which you can reserve for meetings or afternoon tea parties. The interior is all hand-made and quite different from the "traditional" café. You can see even more pictures from the interior around our website, as we went to work there once.

It is not the cheapest place, but it truly has something extra to offer, which is what we like. The place is intended more for locals due to its location, but the staff there speak very good English, so do not be afraid and become Anonymous at least for few minutes of your day!

Is this place you would enjoy? Do you have similar café in your home town? Let us know in comments.