As everywhere else around the world does, even we in the Czech Republic remembered the brave veterans on 11th November. But it is not the only celebration. The 11th is also the Name Day of St. Martin (in Czech calendar every day a different name is celebrated). And what we do? We open this year wine (calling it St. Martin´s wine) for the first time exactly at 11am and eat goose with dumplings and cabbage. Also a folk saying about the weather is connected to this day. St. Martin is supposed to “come on a white horse”, meaning that winter, and with it, snow, should soon begin.  This year St. Martin came one day earlier! But enough about traditions and let´s look what you can do in Prague to celebrate St. Martin.

Goosy Restaurants 

Until 27th November, you can taste dishes featuring goose at all Kolkovna restaurants. Enjoy the Gooseparty!

Potrefená Husa (Shot Goose) restaurants have to have St. Martin´s menu by default. Until the end of November you can also taste selected St. Martin´s wine along with your goose leg or breast.

Surely you heard that there are few traditional cafe places with tradition going to 19th century. One is right accross the National Theater Cafe Slavia. There you can not only taste delicous cup of coffee while listening to live music, but also enjoy St. Martin´s menu and wine!

If you are looking for something fancy. Go to Chateau St. Havel, where you can eat your goose in real chateau. The St. Martin´s menu cost 390 CZK and it is offered only this weekend in November.

Bored of traditional restaurants? Then go eat on a boat! Admiral Botel also offers a nice St.Martins menu and have large wine selection.

Special events

If you want to mingle with the locals, go to Náplavka (river side) this Saturday for a St. Martin´s Feast and Baked Goose

Dobrou chuť (bon appetite) and do not forget to let us know how you like your goose!:)