As you have been asking us quite frequently about airport transfer, we have decided to put together a list of possible ways of getting to the city from the Prague airport. Once at the airport, you have several options of getting to your destination: Public transport, Taxi, private transport company or Hotel pick up.

The cheapest option is to use Public transport. Unfortunately there is no direct metro or train connection to the city, leaving city buses as the only budget transport option from the airport to the centre. Recent extension of Prague’s metro made it a bit faster to reach the centre. It will take approx. 30 minutes. In our previous article about Prague’s Public Transportation system pointed out a few advantages of public transport in Prague. It is reliable, safe, clean and very convenient. So if you choose this way of transport, and read our article mentioned above, you will find it so easy to get your destination from Prague’s airport. The ride will cost you 32CZK. You can buy your ticket at the Public Transport Info booth at the airport or directly from the bus driver, be aware that the ticket will cost a little more in this case. There are 2 buses that will take you to city. Bus 119 runs between the Airport and Nadraží Veleslavín (metro line A). If your destination is in the historical part of Prague such as the Old Town, Prague Castle, take this bus. Bus 100 is the best option if your destination is near of any metro stations on line B, such as Smíchov or the New Town district. Both buses run from early morning (5am) until midnight. You can look up bus schedules at dpp.cz. Bare in mind that using Public transport will include a bit of walking, and buses and metro might get crowded in peak times, so if you have heavy baggage, it may be wiser to choose another way to get to you destination from the airport.

If you are traveling to the Main Train station or in its vicinity, we would recommend you to take the Airport Express Bus. It is very convenient and also a budget way of transport. A ride will cost you only 60CZK and if you purchase the ticket together with a train ticket you will pay only 32CZK. The Prague Main Train Station is a hub for connecting Prague with cities and towns in Czech Republic and Europe.

There is another way to get from the airport – Private Transfers. Choosing a good, reliable company can be quite hard. But do not worry, we did this hard work for you. We and our friends tried several private transfers. We were looking for affordable prices, 24 hrs service and security when paying online. Transfer Praha did not let us down. Their driver met and greeted us at the arrival hall with our names on the sign board. He did not mind our delay as they regularly monitor flights. We were charged flat rate 19.90EUR. So if you are looking for a bit more comfortable way of transfer, do not hesitate to contact Transfer Prague.

If you decide to take a taxi without pre-booking, be aware of their bad reputation for overcharging tourists. If you want to avoid being ripped off, agree on the approximate price before you get in. The taxis are located directly in front of the arrival halls. If you need to get to the city centre, you should agree to pay no more than 600CZK. If a taxi driver asks for more, you should rise a red flag that something is wrong.

Above we have listed (according to our personal experience) the best options for transfer from Prague airport to the city centre which all should take around 30 minutes. Now it will be up to you to choose the way that suits your preferences. Whether it is the cheap public transport, very convenient and comfortable Transfer Praha company or even not always overpriced Prague’s Taxi - choice is yours.

The picture above is the courtesy of www.vaclav-havel-airport-prague.com.