It is so much fun to meet other people who love traveling, roaming Prague and sharing their passion for this amazing city with others. Not so long ago, we had the honor to meet Matěj and learn more about the exciting business he is building. As we like to share what we think Prague visitors could find interesting, here you go! Ladies and gentleman, meet the Localgrapher.

Who is it?

Wondering what this name means? It is quite simple; local & photographer = Localgrapher. It is someone who lives in and knows the city you are visiting and also takes great pictures of you. You can just talk, ask questions and enjoy the views, while your Localgrapher records the memories. When you return home, you will have professional pictures to share with your friends and family.  

How does it work?

You can take advantage of localgrapher’s services at many places around the world. As appealing as Bangkok is, we were mainly interested in how it all works in Prague. So after few emails, we left our families at home on Saturday morning and met with Matěj, the founder of Localgrapher, at Petřín. The funicular up the Petřín Hill is being renovated until March, and we almost forgot the chilly temperature of the early November morning during our hot and sweaty climb up the steep hill. Matěj was already waiting for us and we quickly got down to business. We talked and talked while we walked up and down Petřín Hill, then around to Kampa, and before we knew it we were at the river. Time really flies when you are with the Localgrapher. In few days, we received an email with bunch of cool pictures, which are now new addition to our website. What do you think about them?

What do we think?

And what do we think about Localgrapher services? We love this idea! Having professional pictures from your trip can be great souvenir from your engagement, or anniversary trip, or Christmas gift for your family, or just something nice to do for yourself. All of this with the benefit of meeting a local. So do not be shy and try something new on your next trip!