Are you someone who likes to buy souvenirs or do you think that souvenirs will just become a dust catcher? We personally love buying souvenirs as a reminder of a great experience, while we travel. Once in Prague, you will not know what to buy first. Prague is filled with souvenir shops offering all kinds of typical Czech products. You will find here anything from wooden toys to jewelry to expensive cut crystal and glass items. To make it easier for you we have summed up the souvenirs that are worth spending money on and also the tourist traps that you should avoid while in Prague.

We think you should not leave Prague without buying one of these: garnets, glass, crystal, wooden toys or other craft items as Czechs are known for their handicraft skills.

If you are looking for something beautiful to take home with you, set your eye on Czech glass and crystal, which have a long history here. One of the best brands is Moser Glass (Staroměstské náměstí 15 & Na Příkopě 12). Their pieces are pricey but high quality, they all are made of a lead-free hard crystal and are hand-polished.

An extremely popular item with a long tradition in the country is porcelain. The typical local look is called “onion” motif, which is a blue on white design inspired by East Asian motifs. So if it is Czech porcelain you are after, visit Český porcelán (Perlová 1,). For a truly unique gift, purchase pink porcelain, which is made out of pink clay, not painted or glazed.

There is nothing more Czech than the garnet, which is also mined here. But we advise you to ask for a certificate of authenticity before purchasing this jewelry. To pick up authentic gems head to garnet stores located at Dlouhá 28 and Panská 1.

What could be more Czech than a book written by one of our famous authors? Pick up a book written by Jaroslav Hašek (The Good Soldier Švejk), Bohumil Hrabal (I served the King of England) or the well-known Milan Kundera or Franz Kafka. For these books head to English language bookshops The Globe or Big Ben. But many of the Czech bookstores such as Luxor (Václavské náměstí 41) have quite wide English section,too.

The best place to buy some Czech hand crafted wooden toys is Havelský Market (on Havelská Street). There the marketers have often a nice selection of carved playthings.

Would you like to take home some typical Czech alcohol? We advise you to try one of these before you buy and choose your favorite one. Becherovka, a herbal liquor with a secret recipe, is a lovely spirit to share, or try the bit more bitter, Fernet. For the truly hardcore, sample some plum brandy, slivovice.

You will also see souvenir shops full of nested dolls and tall furry hats. You should be aware that they are not Czech.

Want to take a souvenir or gift back with you from Prague? You would not go wrong with any of the items we mentioned above. We hope you are going to enjoy your souvenir shopping here.