Do you like steak? Do you want to try the best Czech meat? Then Čestr is exactly what you are looking for. It is part of the excellent Ambiente restaurants, some of which we have written about in the past – Lokál and Brasilerio.  Like these other restaurants, Čestr offers great quality food and superb service, though the approach is again a little different. They really know everything they possibly could about their beef as all of it comes from a special Čestr breed. They use the same butchery as that used during the 1st republic (the period from 1918 – 1938, when democratic Czechoslovakia was among the top European economies), and we really knew our business.

The interior is one big open space. You can see how your meal is being prepared and also Mr. Butcher at work! You might feel a little confused about the amount of people who serve you (there is a lot of teamwork going on). But when your meal is out, it is the chef him or herself who brings it to you! The menu might be also a bit complicated for people who do not deal with beef on a daily basis – no worries, the waiters really know their stuff, and with few questions will recommend the best meal for you and will also show you on a detailed cow map from which part of the animal your lunch or dinner comes from. We had the three course menu for 550 Kc and it was excellent! There are also options for no-red meat lovers, so all stomachs are welcomed in Čestr. When you do order the menu, just pay attention to what exactly is included as some sauces, or salads might not be part of the menu.

The restaurant is located in bottom floor of the newer building of the National Museum at the top of the Wenceslas Square. It might be a little hard to find it, but if you go around the building the images of cow’s head will lead your way. Otherwise, it's am amazing location right at the center of Prague!

If you decide to come to Čestr do not forgot to make a reservation. We also recommend  to ask for a table by the window as the middle of the restaurant can get quite noisy. It is not the cheapest restaurant you will go to in Prague, but it is totally worth it. However, if you would like to experience Čestr and stay within your budget, then go there for lunch. They have lunch offers during the weekdays with meals around 100 - 150 Kc.

Do not feel like sitting down and would rather cook at home? No problem, you can also buy a meat there!

Overall, if you want to go where locals go for a great food and rather pay more for high quality rather than the fact that you are tourists in the city, go to Čestr!