To find a good place for a beer in Prague is not a problem. With coffee places, it is not as easy. In our search for friendly, relaxed and non-smoking coffee place, we came across Click Coffee. It is located at Anděl in Prague 5. By the way if you want to know where Prague inhabitants shop, eat and party you should check this area out. Click Coffee opened just three months ago, so it is quite new to the “Anděl scene”. Let’s be honest, you will not get the best coffee of your life here, but if you like innovative ideas, this is something for you!

What is this place about?

It is a completely self-serve coffee place. You choose the size, pick a hot drink and press a button on a coffee machine. Get some pastry, salad, sandwich, fruit or whatever you feel like from the counter and pay. So a normal buffet. But the cool thing is that you can order and pay for your coffee in advance with their mobile app for certain time of the day. Then you just run in and your order will be waiting for you in small special box. Cool no? Ok, if you are visiting Prague, we hope you will have time to sip your coffee somewhere with a nice view of the river, or the Castle. But if you are living here and you are in rush to get to work, it is a fun and efficient way to get your morning dose of caffeine. And it is way cheaper than Starbucks, Costa Coffee, or Cross Café. So if you do not feel like some fancy schmancy coffee. It might be place for you!

What else?

They have plugs for computers and phone chargers at every table! So it can be a chill place for studying, working, or to re-charge your electronics during busy day of sightseeing:)

We love discovering new and innovative places, so Click Coffee has a thumb up from us and we are looking forward to their new branches.