It was love a first sight. I have tried several Cafés in Prague, but this one stands out for me.  Můj šálek Kávy (translates to My Cup of Coffee) is located in Karlín, the Prague quarter full of architecturally impressive buildings, good restaurants and wine bars. The smell of quality coffee that hits you on entrance will be a welcome treat to your senses.  It has a funky interior decór, painted brick walls, floor to ceiling blackboards and oversized lights.

As it is  Coffee house, their focus is on great coffees. The choices are fantastic. Their supplier is Double Shot, a local Czech coffee roaster and wholesaler who buy beans directly from coffee farmers in South America.

On my first visit, I sampled Rwanda Coko, which has a wonderful nutty, chocolate aftertaste. On another occasion, and with the recommendation of the knowledgeble serving staff, I enjoyed a wonderfully strong Macchiato – winter bean mixture "Tam Dem". It really kicked off my day at work.

Prague has its fair share of Cafés that serve breakfast and brunch, but not that many of them can compete with Můj šálek Kávy. So if you are looking for a familiar western style way to start your day, this Café is the best choice. Their breakfast menu is truly delicious. They serve items like pankcakes, yogurt with homemade granola and lots of egg options. During my recent visit I ordered my favorite, Eggs Benedict (pictured above). My poached eggs with local ham were cooked perfectly, only the Hollandaise sauce was a bit too sauer for my liking.

The little problem is that the Café is always packed. Especially on the weekdays, it is very difficult to find a seat and also difficult manuever as seating is tight. But its energetic charming atmosphere and great coffee really makes up for it.

Final note from us: This gem of a coffee house is worth the visit.