You hear all the time when researching any travel tips – go beyond the touristy spots, immerse yourself among the locals, don’t be afraid to try something new. A good way to check off all three of these guidelines is to go to the restaurant Na Václavce 32. Away from the city center, you will find yourself in local territory, but territory still very accessible by public transportation. If you will hear some other language than Czech in this restaurant, you are probably dining next to an expat. What is guaranteed is that you will taste something delicious! It is an old restaurant, where you can taste traditional food prepared in the style of the 1st republic (1918-1948).

Back in time

This restaurant was founded in 1905 by the well-known restauranteur, Mr. Běloušek. The restaurant, and the entire building itself, was built in the very popular contemporary architectural style, historicism. The original restaurant was much larger than it is today, and it had a panoramic terrace and an enormous outside seating area. During the first republic it was a well-known cultural and dining spot. It was also a popular meeting point for card gamblers. Gambling of any sort was a forbidden form entertainment back then. Therefore, they had a secret escape door in the restaurant, in case of a police raid.

Foody experience today

The restaurant was recently renovated in modern style, with beautiful outside seating among dear artificial ponds and streams, and has a winter garden and a corner with ice-hockey decorations. The main part of the restaurant is decorated with old pictures of the interior and early 20th century Prague. The menu is also certainly interesting. There are not many options, but anything you choose is very likely to be delicious. We were a party of seven, and we started with beef broth and marinated duck breast, followed with pikeperch, ribs, duck with dumplings and sauerkraut, beef cheek braised in red wine with potatoes, and hot sour-cherries and ice cream as dessert. Guys, there were seven of us, remember ;). It is not the cheapest place, so the rule: farther from the center means cheaper eats, does not really apply here. The main courses are around 200 CZK ($8.50 USD). But if you are visiting during the week, you can take advantage of the cheaper lunch menu.  To get to the place, take the bus 137 from Na Knižecí (metro stop Anděl) to the stop called Václavka, or walk about 10 minutes from Anděl.

A little tip in the end. Go to their website before your visit and download to your phone a 10% discount coupon. Just be sure to mention it to your waiter before asking for the check.

We were very impressed by this place and looking forward to going back!

Bon Appetite!