One cold winter weekend, we went to experience another tour which Prague has to offer.  We were not disappointed! This tour is a bit different from the regular tour as the name might suggest -  Prague Alternative Tour :) The guides are modern art lovers with their own experience and career in design and graffiti. Their goal is to show that the Prague is not only beautiful and historical, but it is vibrant city, and it is certainly not boring when you know where to go.

We do not want to spoil all the fun for you, so we will not spill all the places which we visited, but after a brief walk around the Square of Republic (Náměstí Republiky), we hopped on the tram and went far beyond the city center point and saw some hidden street art centers, modern art galleries, newly open community centers and finished up at Cross Club (a pub-bar-restaurant everyone should visit at least once in his/her life). With this tour, within a few hours, you can explore some residential parts of Prague and in the end make friends over a meal and good Czech beer in Cross Club. Our guide was very nice and friendly and really knew his business. All his talks were supported by great images, so we also learned about more works of art, which are not in Prague, or not existing any more.

The tour takes about 3.5 hours, the groups are small, and reservation is not required but is possible. It is good to have a tram ticket for 90 minutes on hand before the tour. Be prepared that you will spend some time in the tram, as the places you will visit are not so close to each other. But this give you an extra time to chat with your guide about Prague! So visit http://www.praguealternativetours.cz/ and get the party started!:)

This tour inspired us to learn more about the Prague contemporary art. We already posted a little intro here and will continue to do so as we explore more places.


Big thanks to Jana Vorlíčková for great pictures!