Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for all Americans, and as so many of them live all around the world the turkey day tradition is slowly spreading to other counties. My husband, John, and I have  been living outside of the US for four years now and every November we invite friends and family over and make an attempt to replicate the dinner John’s mom is having for her 30+ guests in her  home in Maryland. This year was no different, and we ordered in advance a 10kg (22 pounds) turkey  at our favorite butcher Hudera and Syn on Bělohorská in Prague 6.  Turkey in Czech is “krocan”, or  “krůta”, male and female respectively. We celebrated with our family and had all the proper Thanksgiving food on the table – turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, sauerkraut and Brussels sprouts (Maryland specialties), corn, gravy, apple-cranberry pie and some, of course, some Czech side dishes – potatoes salad, sweet carrots with peas and lentil salad. All in all, we had a full table! 

Of  course, as with all American recipes when cooking in Czech Republic (probably true everywhere in Europe), you have to be sometimes flexible and creative as not everything is possible to find in the Czech store, some things have completely different names, or just simply do not “act’’ as you are used to. For example, we never made pumpkin pie as we thought that canned pumpkin does not exist in the Czech Republic, and we were not up to trying it from a fresh pumpkin. But I just recently learned that there are two stores in Prague where you can find some American products: the Candy Store and Culinaria. If you are not prepared to cook your own Thanksgiving dinner, do not despair. There are plenty of great restaurants which offer a Thanksgiving menu. Just to list few, you can try: The Globe, Hard Rock Café, TGI Friday’s, or J.J. Murphy’s. (even more tips)There are plenty of options and different expats groups you can join if you are new or just stopping by in Prague.  Therefore, being here on Thanksgiving should not stop you from enjoying this amazing holiday the way you are used to! Have you spent Thanksgiving in Prague this year? What did you do and where did you go? Let us know, we are curious!