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Staying in Prague for the New Year’s Eve? Great! You will have blast. Let us give you a few tips on what to do and how to stay safe.

If you are planning to hit the bars, check beforehand whether you do not need to purchase a ticket. We like to party at Nebe. There three Nebe bars in Prague and they will stay open until 6 am on the New Year’s Eve. Every night there is cocktail happy hour until 9pm for 59Kc. If you are more pub and beer kind of creatures, also call up a few places and book a table. Fun pub with a great beer and food is The Pub. They have Pilsner Urquell from the tank and you pour it yourself directly on your table. Then you pay by the liter.  If you are looking for romance, it might be worth to check out some the river cruises. It will be costly but could be really fun. There is a boat called Boat Party which offers different cruises for the evening.

Be very careful when you are walking down the streets in the center close to the midnight. There are many drunk people lighting fireworks from unsafe distances, or from glass bottles. Every year many people end up in the Emergency room with burns and cuts. You do not want to be one of them. It’s better to go to the river bank, Petřín Hill, or the Prague Castle to watch the various fireworks. The best would be to avoid the Wenceslas Square area all together. Also be careful when buying fireworks yourself. They should be ok in Prague, but apparently the fireworks being sold around the highways close to the border do not have the appropriate safety checks. As always, when going out in the city, do not bring anything valuable with you and only bring money you plan to spend. The bars will be packed and not everyone is there just to have fun like you.

At some point, you might begin to wonder where all the Czechs are. The answer is, probably not in the center of Prague. They will celebrate “Silvestr”(that is how we call last day of the year, because Silvestr has a name day on 31st December) in a local pub close to their homes, at house-parties and most of them leave Prague all together and head to the mountains. Many Czechs avoid the city center on New Year’s Eve and rather watch the fireworks from the safety of their windows. We are also a big dog lovers, so many hate this day all together as their little pet friends are terrified from the sounds of the fireworks.

At New Year’s house parties, you could expect to see a lot of beer, „chlebíčky“ (little pieces of white bread with ham, cheese, eggs and what ever else you find in the kitchen) and popping Bohemia Sekt, the most popular sparkling wine in Czech Republic, once midnight strikes. Like other places, we set resolutions for ourselves for the New Year and promptly start forgetting about them by mid-January. On New Year’s Day, we eat lentil with sausage and fried egg, which represents money, in hopes of having a successful year, and then we go see the big firework display sponsored by the city. This year the big show will start at 6pm with a “Time Machine” theme, and will take us through the Mile stones of Czech history. The best spot to watch will be from the river embankment around the Jewish Quarter and Old Town or the bridges nearby.

How do you celebrate New Year’s in your country? Are you staying in Prague for the New Year’s, what are your plans?

The picture above is curtesy of Private Prague Guide.