The café's tradition dates back to the 17th century, and it came to the Czech lands through Vienna. When you ask a Czech person how life was in Prague during the  1st Republic (Czechoslovakia 1918-1938) they would very likely mention that the Czechs of the time would spend a lot of time in the café; reading newspapers, debating the current political situation, playing billiards or just socializing in general. If you are looking for an “old-days” experience go to Café Louver, Kavárna Slávie, Národní kavárna, Kavárna Obecní dům (Municipal House) or Café Savoy. It is not only about a good coffee and atmosphere there, but also about beautiful, and usually art-noveau, architecture.

But we are a hundred years away from the 1st republic, and you cannot find so many young people in these older, beautiful places. Just a few years back, this wave of new and relaxed cafés came to Prague. Since then, you can usually find in your neighborhood some café where students go to study and debate, friends come for a quick chat, or hurrying businessmen just run in an out for a coffee to go. Yes, we also have Starbucks in Prague, and cafés similar to this American phenomenon like Costa Coffee or Cross Café, but these local cafés are a little different. They sometimes hold presentations, small art exhibitions or even concerts.  Some are Fairtrade or support socially disadvantaged citizens. They simply have a little different atmosphere.

One of these “atmospheric’’ cafés is mamacoffee. There are a couple of mamacoffee's around Prague, each a little different, but all serving BIO and Fairtrade coffee. They were the first one with this type of coffee on the Czech market, and they strive to spread public awareness about high quality coffee and the social problems that hide behind the mass coffee trade and production. If you feel caffeine deprived during your walks through Prague, or just need to hide from rain or cold, and a mamacoffee sign crosses your path, then do not hesitate. This is the place for you.

You can learn more about the story of their coffee and their activities at Mamacoffee website.  Have you visited mamacoffee or some other ‘’atmospheric’’ café?

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